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Banking has a new face…You!

TranzactCard doubles the purchasing power of its members without requiring an increase in income. Our online marketplace serves everyone by making everyday products and services much more affordable.

To better service our members, and bring the TranzactCard to all who need it, we have rolled out Digital Branches. Through this powerful and effective business opportunity we work with you to spread personalized banking and positive social impact further and faster. As a DBO, you will receive commissions as members in your community make everyday purchases and earn Z-Bucks with their TranzactCard.

What is the cost of a Digital Branch?
With a one time digital branch purchase of $495 and a monthly fee of $150.00 you can start building your community of Members right away.

Simple to Operate
As people experience the TranzactCard they come to feel the power behind our banking platform. As a DBO, you're simply connecting them to that experience.

Powerful Profits
TranzactCard is changing the rules by reworking traditional banking fees and manufacturers' pricing, to ensure products and services are more affordable for you and your Members. Your profits are derived from every transaction made with TranzactCard VISA bank card within your community.

Your monthly fee provides you with a Digital Branch platform, leadership training, and marketing support to grow your membership base.

Multiply your income by sponsoring branches.

Compounding Potential: This unique business opportunity streamlines the path for you to sponsor multiple branches and build your digital branch community. With this lifelong path, residual income becomes a reality.

Digital Branch Manager

Do you have a passion for prosperity?

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Are willing to share the message of financial momentum to those who need it most.

  • Will unleash the power of TranzactCard for themselves and their members.

  • Are serious about opening a Digital Branch and taking ownership of their operations.

  • Are willing to provide a path to greater prosperity through branch management.

Start building your Digital Branch

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