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Every time you spend $1 using your TranzactCard, earn a matching Z-Buck. Z-Bucks can be spent in Z-Club making everything - from everyday items to vacation packages - more affordable.

Earn Z-Bucks at Gas Pump


With everyday purchases, you are credited with matching Z-Bucks to redeem in Z-Club. For example, you just bought 70 dollars in gas, you earned 70 Z-Bucks! Not your typical old school banking rewards. It's so much more!

Z-Bucks message: Congratulations! You just earned 70 Z-Bucks for your fuel purchase!

Products are for demonstration purposes only.

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More bang for your buck

The Z-Club is TranzactCard's online private marketplace where all those earned Z-Bucks can be redeemed toward the purchase of everyday goods, services, travel, and more.

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Everyday Spend

The Z-Club home for extraordinary values! Use a combination of cash and Z-Bucks for amazing deals.

Z-Spend Example Detergent PodsZ-Spend Example Golf Club

Products are for demonstration purposes only.

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Flash Sales

First come first served. Flash Sales frequently pop up in the Z-Club, so check-in often and don't miss a thing. Full MSRP, but your cash isn't good here. Purchase items with Z-Bucks only.

Z-Sale Example Sunglasses

Products are for demonstration purposes only.

(Coming Soon)

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Pop-up promotions for members only. Enter with as little as 1 Z-Buck, and you could win the Z-Sweep!

Z-Sweep Example Dinning Card

For demonstration purposes only. The products, prices, and dollar / Z-Buck ratios may vary in the Z-Club e-commerce platform from day to day and from product to product.

TranzactCard + Z-Bucks + Z-Club = Power SpendTranzactCard + Z-Bucks + Z-Club = Power Spend

Spend as you always spend. Do as you always do. Make your spend more powerful.

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